Dreaming of a gong

What does dreaming of a gong mean? How about dreaming of a gong? Dreaming of a gong has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Hearing the sound of a gong being struck in your dream indicates that false alarms about illness or failure will trouble you greatly. Hearing the sound of a gong in your dream indicates an illness or loss that worries you and turns out to be a false alarm. Zhou Gong Stock Market Any dream of knocking is not limited to musical instruments, in the case of a high stock price are indicated to fall, in the case of a low price, is the day the stock price is the lowest price and is about to climb. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream gong. Keeping the right is good, otherwise bad. This dream a see, regardless of whether things can be, the trend should be a sharp retreat, the whole philosophy to protect themselves, such as follow the wait and see, into the can not go forward, back to no bottom, should retreat and not to the sign. The literati dream, the list on the title, there is no doubt; litigant dream, is afraid of implication; sick dream, the heart is suffering from anxiety; lost dream, the patrol can be arrested. The Dream of the Dreamer Dream gong cloud gong. Dream gong, auspicious things coming, the same sound corresponding to the hope of high people, this has the climate omen. Dream of cloud gong, the upper and lower part of the truncated, not disorderly, things according to the high bottom line to go for good. The dream Lin Xuan Xie Case study of dreaming of a gong Dream description: In my dream appeared a joyful scene, with gongs and drums, drums and music, and a lively crowd. I walked into the festive crowd, with the sound of gongs and drums in my ears, and my whole body was immersed in immense joy. Dream Interpretation: The sound of a joyful gong means great good news. Hearing the high, clear sound of a gong in your dream means that exciting things are coming. To dream that you are playing a gong indicates that good luck will come to you. If you dream of gongs and drums, drums and music, it foretells you a life of great fortune and happiness."