Dreaming of a green light

What does dreaming of a green light mean? How about dreaming of green lights? Dreams of green lights have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. As soon as we go out on the street, we often teach our children to stop at red lights and go at green lights. In the dream the green light symbolizes that everything is going well and is a good omen. To dream of a red light symbolizes the state of a relationship or career. A male dreaming of a green light indicates that his career will be smooth and successful. A woman dreaming of a green light indicates a warm and happy life and joy. To dream of a green light suddenly going out suggests that the dreamer will have a small setback, and it is advisable to respond with caution. When you dream of a green light, that is a sign that the dreamer wishes to implement his or her plans successfully."