Dreaming of a lamp

What does dreaming of a lamp mean? How about dreaming of a lamp? Dreams of lights have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The lamp, usually symbolizes hope, wisdom, the light of humanity, divine guidance, etc. To dream of a lamp in the dark symbolizes that you will succeed through hard work. To dream of a lighted lamp indicates that a friend will bring you hope in the midst of difficulties. Dreaming of dim, obscure lights suggests that you should take care of your health and that you may have to get sick. To dream that the fluorescent light is very bright suggests that good things are coming. To dream that the fluorescent light is very dark, it foretells that the dreamer will be sick. To dream of an unlit lamp suggests disappointment or ignorance. To dream that you have a lamp beside you indicates that you are very conscious of the environmental reality. Dreaming that you accidentally knocked the lamp over indicates despair, a mood of despair, and perhaps a bit of real life stressing you out. Dreaming of distant lights symbolizes hope for a happy life. To see a light in the distance while rowing a boat is a sign that you will get through the immediate difficulties and your future life will be rich and stable. To dream of a street lamp suggests that there may be conflicts in the family. To dream of a red light coming on reminds you to exercise restraint, patience, control your temper, or plan with caution. Dreaming of many shining lights, or decorative colored lights, foretells a happy event, or a festival. To dream that a pilot light is hanging in the doorway or window is a sign of good luck for you. To dream that your home is brightly lit is a sign of a comfortable life, wealth and success in business. A man who is away from home dreams that the light in his house is very blinding, foretelling that he will be reunited with his family soon. To dream that you are carrying a lamp foretells that you will bring hope to yourself and those around you through your efforts, change your situation, and all painful difficulties will be a thing of the past, winning honor, success and friendship. Dreaming of many people carrying lamps foretells that you will become famous and win the respect and trust of everyone. To dream of someone sending a lamp for you indicates that you have a loyal friend to rely on and will receive genuine help from the other person in difficult times. To dream that the lights come on and go off, switching on and off many times, foretells that you may have a loved one die. To dream of lights that are bright and dim at first, unstable, foretells the ups and downs of the development path, business will experience depression, decline, slump, or health decline, to be sick. To dream of a broken lamp foretells of misfortune. A businessman having such a dream foretells a business failure or even the danger of bankruptcy. A dream like this for a person in an official position may have problems discovered and face demotion or disciplinary action. A married woman who has such a dream foretells that her husband may have an affair and the marriage may have to break up. Zhou Yi dream interpretation The lamp, often represents wisdom, understanding guidance. For the lamp is the light that illuminates one's direction. A woman, in her dream, was walking along a road and encountered many dangers on the way but got through them all. Somewhere along the way, she was told that there would be a light on the road ahead, a light that would light up to 4,000 watts and resemble the face of a man. Some people would hate the light and take the other road, and these people would die. The analysis revealed that the lamp symbolized her psychotherapist at the time. The therapist offered some explanations about her inner self, which she was not quite willing to accept. But she also knew that hating this knowledge was bad for her psyche. The lamp, also often symbolizes the life force. An example of a Freudian dream: An elderly man dreamed that he and his wife were sleeping in bed when there was a knock at the door. He tried to turn on the electric light, but the light would not come on. When the lamp does not light up, it symbolizes that his life force is close to exhaustion. When we say that a person's vitality is depleted, don't we also say "the lamp is depleted"? By the way, I would like to remind you that the lamp may represent a lamp and not something else. The shoes mentioned earlier may also mean shoes, and when you find that the symbolic interpretation is far-fetched, don't necessarily use the symbolic interpretation. A child saw a pair of sneakers during the day, but his mother and father refused to buy them for him. At night he dreams that he is playing ball in these shoes. This does not mean that he has any idea about marriage, but only that he satisfies his desire to have these shoes by dreaming about them. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Many people carry the lamp, and the fame rises. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou If you see a lamp burning, you will make a good friend. The Dreams of the Duke of Zhou" Buy a lamp, you will have to move your house. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreams of daytime lights. If you dream of this, you will be sick and have disease, and nothing will be done. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream lamp was burned by fire, auspicious. This dream for the flames of the sky, work to assist the sun, the light was four numbers, the grid in the upper and lower, the rise of the omen. If you can perform the declaration and not move, you will be able to make a decision, and your fame will be high, and the price of goods will be fixed and will not move. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a lantern bar (lampstand). Dreaming of a cheesebridge hanging in the sky, the man's thinking will grow, and his reputation will rise. Dreaming of red falling from the sky is a sign of the Lord's grace. A dream in which a person is given a lantern is respected by others. A dream in which a man holds a lamp and shines it is a sign that he will be taken care of. A dream in which a person is given a lamp is a sign of love and affection. If a dreamer hides a lamp without light, it is a sign of obscurity and uncertainty. A dream that is placed between pillows is inauspicious. If a dream is placed in a tent, the Lord will give birth to a filial son. If the wind blows out in a dream, the official affairs are scattered. A dream with three lamps side by side is a dream of great wealth and prosperity. If you hold it in your hand in your dream, you will be happy. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream of high light plum lamp, great luck. Dreams of this person, after the high boarding, Mei Bu (divination) no doubt. Dream lamp in no fire, planning to use people can not. Dream lamp for the subordinate to hold, the name of the top of the Ying. Dreaming of a high lamp on the shelf, to be used sometimes. Dreaming of a high lamp without service, the hope of planning is not achieved. To dream of a lamp hanging from a beam, the matter is not always in order. To dream of a plum lantern, the Lord has someone to carry you. Dreaming of a high lamp in the front, the steed strives to be the first; dreaming of a high lamp in the back, the youth is not successful. If you dream of a plum lantern and no one is there, the only person who can divine is me. If you dream that the lamp is upside down, you will see the end of the list. A dream in which the lamp is suddenly broken means someone is damaged. When the lamp is on the ground, there is no doubt that you will get the first place. When a dreamer gives a lamp to someone, there is no increase in life expectancy. I dream that if I give my lamp to someone, I will be nameless. If you dream that the lamp is raised, you will respect your superiors. If you dream of a broken lamp, you must guard against fame and fortune; if you dream of making a new lamp, you will become famous sooner. If you dream of borrowing a high lamp, someone will marry for me. If I return the lamp, I will be successful. If you dream of a sudden breakage of a plum lantern, you must prevent any obstruction in your planning. This omen if ordinary people dream of, regardless of whether there is fire in the lamp without fire, life career is bleak, step by step there is a danger, even if the light shines, the great work more false less real, the situation is hanging, not enough to be called beautiful. Therefore, the gentleman's dream is auspicious. The Dream Forest Interpretation It is auspicious to dream that a high lamp is held by itself. This is an omen of prosperity for your family. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream full of red (the name of the lamp). Dreams from the clouds in the sky fall, must prevent fire. Dream Zhang set in the court, there is joy; dream set in the hall, bright good and bad; dream set in the room, it is appropriate to save the body and abstinence; dream set in the back door, it is appropriate to do things carefully; dream hanging upside down in the air, the main official paperwork. Dreams of the sun and the moon shine on it, a sign of great luck. The Dream Forest Interpretation To dream of holding two lamps in one's hand is auspicious. This is an omen of continuous ascension. The color is bright, and the people on the left and right have glory, which is an auspicious omen. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreaming of a walking lamp is very auspicious. This dream follows the image of the light shining in the four directions, the light shines in a grip, the light reaches ten thousand miles away. This is a good sign of wealth and prosperity, and there is a beautiful sign of celebration. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream hidden lantern lamp. This dream bright shine four directions of the image. Dream light far splendid, the main reputation is auspicious; dream dark unknown, there is a small regret. If the dreamer grants it, there will be happy events. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreaming of enjoying lanterns at the Lantern Festival is very auspicious. The rest of the people have good fortune and prosperity in their families, and their marriages are compatible with each other, and their flesh and blood are reunited. Dream Forest Interpretation A woman carrying a lamp is auspicious. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou A lamp in the hand, meeting a confidant. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The light is bright and dazzling. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Playing lanterns, the Lord is able to achieve all things. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The lantern is extinguished. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The light of the lamp and candle is very auspicious. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: The light in the dream symbolizes human life. To dream that you have a light beside you indicates that you are conscious of your surroundings. In a practical sense, the lamp represents in the dream the wisdom or comfort of a person. Psychoanalysis: The lamp represents guidance and wisdom in the dream. In addition, it also indicates stereotypes that have been given new meaning. Spiritual symbolism: The lamp in the dream represents on a spiritual level the light of humanity in the darkness, the light of the divine and eternity. Case study of dreaming of a lamp I dreamed that I was traveling to a foreign country. In the dream it seemed I was visiting a cave and I was wearing a cap lamp on my head that was mounted on a hat. The lamp was particularly bright and reflected in the beautiful cave. (Male, 26 years old) Dream Analysis: The lamp in the dream represents honor and friendship. No matter what kind of lamp you dream about in your dream, it is a symbol of good news. If you dream of a searchlight, it means effort and competition. To dream of a signal light is a symbol of good luck and friendship. Dreaming of street lights is a symbol of smoothness and emotion. To dream of a flashing light is a symbol of social activity. Dreaming of electric lights is a symbol of career and relationship. To dream of a wall lamp represents love and affection. To dream of a chandelier represents achievement and happiness. To dream of decorative lights is a sign and characteristic of a joyful event. Dreams of table lamps in different colors represent life and emotions. To dream of a kerosene lamp represents financial luck."