Dreaming of a mast

What does it mean to dream of a mast? Is it good to dream of a mast? Dreaming of a mast has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Seeing the mast of a ship in your dream indicates that you will have a long and pleasant trip, and you will make many interesting friends and gain many new things during the journey. If you dream of a ship that has sunk due to a reef and all that is visible is the mast above it, it means that your surroundings have changed, making you have to be more alert and put away your fun mood. Dreaming of a mast falling down, your journey will be unpleasant and you need to be careful in all things. Case study of dreaming of a mast Dream Example 1] Dream description: I dreamed that I was climbing a very high wooden mast on the beach. Then woke up. Dream Analysis: This dream foretells that you will have a pleasant long trip, at the same time, travel is an exhausting thing, you will have physical overload oh. Dream example 2] Dream description: I dreamed that I was sitting on the mast of a sailboat, sailing on a dark sea with huge waves, storms lapping at me like crazy, the air was heavy and fresh, there was no light, only lightning. The point is that I enjoy it so much, it's so beautiful, I wish I could dream about it every day. My classmates said I was sick, normal people like sunny birds and flowers. Dream Analysis: You are a very exciting person who likes to travel, you like to meet interesting friends in your travels and enjoy the new things you meet in your travels, don't care what your classmates say, enjoy your journey!"