Dreaming of a painting of my wife or lover

What does it mean to dream of a painting of my wife or lover? How about dreaming of a painting of your wife or lover? Dreaming of a painting of your wife or lover has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of your wife's painting or your lover's painting will separate you from her. To dream of hugging your wife is an ominous sign that you will be separated from your wife. Dreaming of quarreling with his wife, the husband and wife love each other and live a happy and fulfilling life. To dream that your wife is married to someone else implies that a disaster is coming to your wife. Dreaming that your wife is having a fling with someone else, you will improve your reputation or status, be respected by all and your family business will prosper. To dream that your wife is committing adultery means that you have extreme dissatisfaction with the reality of your situation. A prisoner dreaming of quarreling with his wife will soon be able to see her. Dreaming of being separated from your wife, you will dote on her more. If you dream of getting a good noisy wife, your life will be happy and comfortable."