Dreaming of a tank

What does dreaming of a tank mean? Is it good to dream of a tank? Dreams of tanks have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a tank foretells that you may encounter fierce competition with strong opponents, so you should not take it lightly. To dream of a tank coming towards you suggests that your opponent may take the initiative to provoke you, or it may suggest that there may be health problems and that you should take care of your rest in the near future. To dream that you are driving a tank foretells that you will have the possibility of being promoted. To dream that someone is driving a tank means that you have admiration for that person's heart. Case study of dreaming of a tank I dreamed that I was lying down on the grass to rest. Suddenly, I heard a rumbling sound in the distance. I sat up and saw that a tank was coming towards me. I hurriedly stood up and let the tank pass by. (Male, 34 years old) Dream Analysis: The tank in your dream is a symbol of competition and health. To dream of a powerful tank indicates that your opponent is stronger in the competition, reminding you to break a thousand pounds with ingenuity and win with wisdom. To dream of a tank coming towards you, which makes you fearful, indicates that you may have health problems and is telling you to pay attention to your body."