Dreaming of a water tank

What does dreaming of a water tank mean? Is it good to dream of a water tank? Dreams of water tanks have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a water tank represents wealth. To dream of a tank full of water represents that there will be a lot of money. Dreaming of water flowing out of the tank represents a recent financial loss. Dreaming of an empty water tank foretells that life will be poor. To dream of a large water tank is a symbol of some ruthless and cold people who will use all means to harm you, and you will suffer a lot of ruthless harm without any defense and cannot resist. To dream of a water tank full of water means that the whole family is in harmony and respects each other. To dream of an empty water tank means that harmony is only a superficial illusion, and that there will be a conflict between them, which will lead to disaster. To dream of a broken water tank means that a disaster will occur and break the harmony of the whole family. This dream is usually interpreted as the death of a child, a couple complaining against each other and turning against each other. To dream of a water tank filled with milk means that a wedding is coming up in the family. Case study of dreaming of a water tank Dream description: I dreamed that I saw a big water tank filled with fresh water, but the bottom was cracked and leaking. In the dream, I used my hand to press to remedy it, but it still leaked. Dream analysis: clear water is wealth, if you dream that the water tank is clear water, there will be happy events, but it depends on whether you can grasp it and can make him not leak, because water leaking out means to break the wealth."