Dreaming of antiques

What does dreaming of antiques mean? Do you dream of antiques? Dreams of antiques have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of antiques foretells that there will be conflicts with people for profit. To dream of antiques usually indicates a wealthy family and a happy life. To dream of finding an antique indicates that you feel you have been given something of value in life it may represent that relationship you are facing and it is so precious in your heart. A pregnant woman dreaming of antiques will give birth to a son. To dream that you go shopping for antiques suggests that you may be under pressure financially in the near future due to excessive expenses. Dreaming that you are selling antiques reminds you that in the near future, you should not easily lend money to others or borrow money from others, otherwise you may be in a situation of losing your money or being unable to repay, and finally losing your friendship. A worker dreaming of antiques will have someone compete with him/her for credit. A businessman dreaming of antiques will meet a competitor."