Dreaming of bowling

What does dreaming of bowling mean? How about dreaming about bowling? Dreams of bowling have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of bowling indicates that something you were intent on participating in did not expect to bring shame to your reputation and you will suffer the loss of money and true friendship as a result. To dream of someone bowling is a sign that you will risk losing your job and try to pursue pleasure in those fancy men and women, and will indulge and fall deep into the lights. A young woman dreaming that she is highly skilled at bowling indicates that after she has enjoyed a brief moment of pleasure, she slips back into the bottomless pit of sorrow. To dream of bowling, pool or billiards is a sign of an impending cold, red fever or other epidemic disease, or you may suffer a loss because someone else is bailing you out. To dream of bowling is an auspicious omen, foretelling that you will be in good health. A patient dreaming of playing bowling foretells that his health will be healed soon. An old man dreaming of playing bowling foretells that his body will be healthy and strong."