Dreaming of broken shoes

What does dreaming of broken shoes mean? How about dreaming of broken shoes? Dreaming of broken shoes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of broken shoes also has the meaning of breaking evil, which foretells that difficulties will pass. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Shoes symbolize a person's friends. Shoes are most often used to symbolize the opposite sex, or to symbolize marriage. As the saying goes, "Marriage is like a shoe, only you know if it fits." Psychological analysis: To dream of new shoes means to make new friends. To dream of old shoes means you may not get along with your wife and feel worried. To dream of wearing old shoes means bad luck will come. To dream of wearing new shoes is an auspicious sign. A man dreaming of wearing new shoes will have good luck. Married woman dreaming of wearing new shoes, the couple will love each other. An unmarried woman dreaming of wearing new shoes will marry a man who is generous, smart and capable. An unmarried man dreaming of wearing new shoes will soon be loved by his lover. Dreaming of buying shoes, you will soon go on a trip. Dreaming of polishing shoes, there is good luck in love. Although it is not passionate, you can expect a relationship full of understanding and love. It is best to add a concert or an exhibition to your dating schedule so that you can deepen your sense of intimacy. To dream of losing your shoes suggests that disaster will come. Dreaming that the heel of your shoe falls off, there are bad things happening to your family. Dreaming of stealing someone's shoes, you will make enemies with your friends, so you have to maintain the relationship between friends well. To dream of beating someone with a shoe suggests a promotion in position. To dream of giving someone a shoe is a good omen that one will be invited to a wedding."