Dreaming of dirty things

What does dreaming of dirty things mean? Is it good to dream of dirty things? Dreams of dirty things have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of dirty things is a good sign that your body will be healthy. To dream that your clothes are suddenly covered with dirty things is an auspicious dream, indicating that your boss or boss will be kind to you, it is possible that he will give you something that you have not been able to get for a long time, or it is difficult to solve the problem is that he also helped you solve. Dreaming of a lot of dirty water, there is a verbal dispute. Dream of drinking dirty water, if it is not drinking water before going to bed too thirsty, to the dream, see dirty water to drink, for meaningless dream; if not then the body will be sick. Dreaming of bathing with dirty water, a relative or friend will grow up and die. To dream of a fountain of dirty water is an omen of misfortune. Case study of dreaming of dirty things Dream description: I dreamed that I went to a very remote public toilet to go to the toilet, a foot stepped on the shit, too disgusting, somehow rubbed a lot of dirt on my shirt disgusting. Dream Analysis: Congratulations, this is a good sign, dreaming of dirty things, especially shit, represents your prosperity Oh!"