Dreaming of dragon robes

What does dreaming of dragon robes mean? How about dreaming of a dragon robe? Dreams of dragon robes have realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dragon robe, the emperor's thing. Dreaming of a dragon robe foretells that you are going to be very rich and powerful. A businessman dreaming of a dragon robe, business will flourish. Dreaming of wearing a dragon robe of the good and bad: diligent work, no doom and gloom, and finally get the good omen of success, although the success is later, but the safe development, improve the situation, the family prosperity, but the process also has a lot of trouble trouble. If there are no bad numbers in the two frames, there will be no illnesses, and if there are illnesses, they can be cured quickly by taking medicine. [Mid-lucky]. Dreaming of a dragon robe, according to the analysis of the five elements of Zhouyi, the lucky color is green, the wealth position is in the south direction, the peach blossom position is in the southeast, the lucky number is 4, and the lucky food is almond. Dreaming of a dragon robe more main you will have good luck in your career, especially doing management-type work, you will have a significant increase in income may, and your own career process is also related to your usual efforts. In the career you are able to lead the team to success, such as you alone will have the possibility of stagnation, but you struggle with others can be a career, spring dream of good luck, winter dream of bad luck. Men dreaming of dragon robe more main you will have good news in your career with others, you have the ability to accumulate experience in your career, then you have more valuable wealth, the progress of your career is also beneficial, such as you are just entering the rectum of the white, get this dream more main you and your boss will have disputes between you, such as your mind can not be put at peace then it is easy to have problems. A woman dreaming of a dragon robe, more than the main you meet in the career of the nobleman, and between you and the nobleman's ideas and thoughts are similar to the possibility, then you enhance your ability in the career after the cooperation with others, can add color to your career, do not feel free to give up the opportunity to show yourself."