Dreaming of feathers

What does dreaming of feathers mean? How about dreaming of feathers? Dreams of feathers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that there are many feathers floating down around you indicates that you have a light burden in your life. Seeing eagle feathers in your dream indicates that your inner hopes will come true. To dream of a chick's feathers indicates a slight degree of disturbance. To dream of engaging in the business of buying and selling chicken feathers indicates good luck and prosperity. To dream of a black feather is a symbol of discontent and may indicate that an unpleasant event will occur. A woman dreaming of a decorative feather indicates that she will progress in society and the trick to get there is not for others to imitate. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreams and feathers, the main sign of clothing replacement. The Secretary of Broken Dreams Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Seeing a feather in your dream symbolizes fluffiness and dexterity, perhaps indicating an easy approach to a situation. You may recognize that violence is not helpful to him and that you should adopt a calm approach in order to achieve further development. Psychoanalysis: A feather often indicates a flight to an area that is still unfamiliar to the self, it is closely linked to the air and wind and can indicate the area of your spiritual life. Seeing a feather in your dream may also indicate that you should first carry out your plans to the end before you can achieve peace. Spiritual symbolism: from a spiritual point of view, the feather symbolizes the sky or the soul."