Dreaming of gasoline

What does dreaming of gasoline mean? Is it good to dream of gasoline? Dreams of gasoline have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of gasoline is a sign of the need to control your emotions in life. To dream of buying gasoline also foretells a welcome development in love or career. Dreaming of going to a gas station to fill up your gas tank, you will have financial luck recently. Dreaming of gasoline explosion, auspicious, an omen of a happy life. Case study of dreaming of gasoline Dream description: I dreamed that I said my stomach was not feeling well. Someone else then took gasoline to me and drank it and felt better! I want to know why? What does it mean? Dream Analysis: This dream reminds you to have a big belly, don't make things difficult for others because of small things, control your emotions, your people will be better, will therefore bring you a lot of opportunities Oh!"