Dreaming of glass

What does dreaming of glass mean? Is it good to dream of glass? Dreaming of glass has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of glass symbolizes some kind of unseen obstacles in life and work. To dream that you break glass suggests that the dreamer is very eager to break through some unseen barrier and has been suppressing emotions that are getting stronger and need to be vented. To dream that you see people through glass is a sign that you feel that certain ideas you put forward in your life or work may be opposed. Or you feel that there is an unseen obstacle in communicating with people. To dream of clean glass means you will have good luck and a comfortable life. Dreaming of dirty, or stained glass, indicates that there will always be some lingering little worries in life. To dream of broken or mangled glass is a sign that life needs to find a change and a turnaround. To dream of putting glass in a window indicates a happy life, good luck, promotion, or an increase in income. To dream of wiping glass reminds you to stay aware of yourself and not to be complacent or arrogant. To dream of woolen and dark glass suggests that you have unique pursuits in life and in your career, but it may also indicate that your eyesight is declining or that you are less observant. To dream of crafts made of glass foretells that the dreamer's income is going to increase, he will be promoted, or his business will prosper and his social status will rise. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Glass in a dream foreshadows an inconspicuous, or even palpable, barrier. It is a fortress that you have built to protect yourself from others. Of course the opposite may also be the case, i.e. others build a thick glass wall to guard against you. Psychoanalysis: If you smashed glass in your dream, it means that you passed through a defensive wall (dream of shards). You shattered all kinds of feelings that repressed you and let yourself step into a state of unmistakable understanding, where it is not allowed to build a new fortress. Hairy glass and dark glass imply the desire and pursuit of personal areas and desires, or indicate that your vision is getting worse and worse in a particular range. Spiritual symbolism: From a spiritual point of view, seeing glass in a dream indicates a fortress built up between this world and the hereafter. Case study of dreaming of glass (by ) Dream description: Everyone has their own hobby, and I am a person who loves glass products, every time I go to the mall, I will bring back small glass products. One time I had a dream. I dreamed that I walked into a mall specializing in glass products, and the glass products in the counter were crystal clear and beautiful. (Female, 24 years old) Dream Analysis: The glass in the dream represents good luck and income. The clean and quiet glass in the dream symbolizes good luck, while the somewhat dirty glass represents small troubles. Putting broken glass into the window is a symbol of happy life. It is also a sign of good luck. To dream of carved glass or glass artifacts is a sign of rising status and increasing income."