Dreaming of horns

What does dreaming of horns mean? Is it good to dream of a horn? Dreams of horns have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The sound of the trumpet is a symbol of good news and happy days. To dream of trumpets blowing and drums beating in unison is a symbol of great cheerfulness. To dream of hearing the sound of a trumpet indicates good news from a distant place. To dream that you blow a horn foretells an increase in your social activities. Dreaming of an angel blowing a trumpet reminds you that you need to work harder and the joy of victory and success awaits you ahead; or reminds you not to be too demanding on yourself, you might as well enjoy the joy of your accomplishments now. Case study of dreaming of a horn Dream Description: Growing up, the most memorable thing for me was the summer camp life. Until now, those vivid and interesting scenes often come to my mind and appear in my dreams. (Male, 18 years old) Dream Interpretation: The sound of a trumpet is a symbol of good news and happy days. To hear the sound of a trumpet in your dream indicates good news from far away. To dream that you are blowing the trumpet is a sign of increased social activities. To dream that the trumpets are blowing and the drums are blasting is a symbol of joy."