Dreaming of picture frames

What does dreaming of picture frames mean? Is it good to dream of a picture frame? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of photo frames, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a picture frame is a sign of missing the old life. Seeing photos in your dream is a sign that a scam is coming. Dreaming of looking at your old photos, you may have something in mind that you haven't finished in the past and want to pick up and continue doing it again. Or feel that the present life has lost something of the past. Dreaming of looking at a picture of yourself may also symbolize that you are reviewing yourself and avoiding certain conflicts. Dreaming of a photo of a friend sometimes indicates that in real life, the friend in the photo is moving away from you and the distance between you is growing. To dream of looking at a photo of a deceased relative, on the one hand, indicates your nostalgia for your relative; on the other hand, it may indicate that you have left behind some information that is very helpful to you now and reminds you of it. Dreaming of looking at photos of lovers or past lovers may indicate that the dreamer's present conjugal life, or emotional life is somewhat unsatisfactory. To dream of receiving a photo of your beloved one warns you that you love him, but he only acts faithful to you; in fact, he is not devoted to you. If a married person dreams of having photos of another person, it foretells that someone's bad behavior will be woefully uncovered. To dream of having someone take a picture of you foretells that you will inadvertently cause trouble for yourself and others. To dream that someone sends you a photo is a sign that you may receive a message from someone you miss or have a crush on. To dream of a photo being scratched indicates that you have great feelings of anger in your heart."