Dreaming of pincers

What does dreaming of pincers mean? How about dreaming of pliers? Dreams of pliers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Feeling the presence of pliers in a dream is a sign of very annoying trouble. Any dream about pliers foretells unfortunate events. To dream of losing tools suggests a bad income or a setback or disaster. To dream of a broken tool, you will be threatened with death or face the misfortune of a loved one's illness. To dream that you go to buy new tools indicates business pulling the trigger, prosperous business and financial abundance. A farmer dreaming of the farming tools he uses will have an unprecedented harvest of crops. A craftsman dreaming of his tools foretells a lucrative reward and increased income. People who are in business dream of buying new tools, indicating prosperous business, wealth and profits."