Dreaming of poison poisoning poisoning taking poison

Dreaming of poison poison poisoning poisoning taking poison what does it mean? Do you dream of poison, poisoning, poisoning? The dream of poison, poisoning, and poisoning has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of poison usually indicates blessings, sorrow and troubles will soon be over, the gloom of the past will come to an end and tomorrow will be better. To dream that you eat poison is a sign that you will forget a certain relationship or want to end a certain life. To dream that someone eats poison is a sign that you will overcome your opponent. A man dreaming of poison suggests a desire for career setbacks to end. A woman dreaming of poison indicates that inwardly she hopes that all unhappiness and embarrassment in her family life will soon pass. A doctor dreaming of poison foretells remarkable medical results and increased income. An unemployed person dreaming of poison foretells that he will soon find a job. A patient dreaming of taking poison foretells that his condition may worsen. A husband dreaming of giving his wife poison indicates that the couple is in love and living happily. A wife dreaming of giving her husband poison indicates that she will love her husband more and he will live a long and healthy life. To dream that someone gives you poison indicates that you live a long and healthy life. To dream that you are poisoning someone you know suggests that deep down you may have animosity toward that person. To dream of sending poison to the leader's elders foretells that you will be promoted or get unexpected income. To dream of giving poison to a stranger implies that you should beware of false friends who cheat you. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: If poison plays an important role in the dream, this indicates that you should avoid an idea, feeling or thought that is not good for you. There must be all kinds of influences around you that he must always be aware of to avoid suffering from them. Psychoanalysis: Other people's ideas and beliefs may poison a sensitive person's way of thinking and feeling, and they manifest themselves as poison in the dream. Spiritual symbolism: From a spiritual perspective, all content that blocks or hinders your spiritual progress is poison. Case study of dreaming of poison Dream description: In the dream I was in a gray room with several people and someone handed us each a small pill bottle and told us to drink the medicine inside, saying we would have a special sensation. Everyone else was excited to go up and get the medicine. I wanted them too, but I knew they were poison. I was hesitant and conflicted, but finally chose to give up, and just then the people who drank the medicine died one after another. (Male, 32 years old) Dream Interpretation: In the dream, you refused the temptation of poison and were considered to have gained a major victory. The ego was defeated and a new level of life was reached. In the face of pressure, people often face collapse because they are overwhelmed, or they give up their efforts early, or they are hit by pressure to change their true selves. The struggle in the dream is painful, but once the decision to give up is made and acted upon, unprecedented progress is achieved."