Dreaming of popcorn

What does dreaming of popcorn mean? Dreaming of popcorn is good? Dreaming of popcorn has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Popcorn is a puffed food that is popular with young people as an everyday snack. There are many unexpected variations of popcorn, the traditional with just salt and a little melted cream, or covered with sweet caramel, and the perfect combination mixed with gorgonzola cheese. Dreaming of popcorn, there will be happy things in life. Lovers dream of popcorn, love will be very sweet. To dream of popcorn foretells that the dreamer has some kind of joyful passion inside him that he is eager to share with others. To dream of selling popcorn is a sign that the dreamer will live under the authority of others, without freedom. Dreaming of buying popcorn foretells that the dreamer will always throw away the opportunity to grasp in hand to give up to those around him."