Dreaming of portraits

What does dreaming of portraits mean? Do you dream of portraits? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of portraits, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of drawing elephants for birds and animals, living a happy and abundant life. If you dream of painting a portrait of someone, your reputation will rise. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of the image, there is a happy event, very lucky. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Painting a portrait is the main communication. To draw a portrait of someone is a process of observing and understanding others, representing mutual communication. Psychological analysis: To dream of drawing a portrait for oneself means to strive to understand and know oneself, which is the starting point of all great achievements and undertakings, and to strive for external success, rather than turning to the greatest realization of self-worth. To dream of drawing a portrait for a friend means to be able to communicate fully with a friend, to befriend each other with heart, and to get the full help of a friend at a critical moment. To dream of drawing a portrait of one's wife or lover means that one cares more about the feelings of the other party, which will make the emotions of both parties deeper. To dream of painting a portrait of an enemy means to spend more energy to study the weaknesses of the other party, and will take the initiative to challenge the other party and break out into a fierce conflict. Case study of dreaming of a portrait Dream description: On this trip, someone else drew a portrait of me, and I felt that the drawing was very evocative. One night a few days ago I had a dream that I drew a portrait for someone else and after I finished, I felt that the drawing was good and the lady was more than satisfied. (Female, 31 years old) Dream Analysis: The dream of a portrait is a symbol of reputation and affluence. A portrait in a dream indicates that you have a spirit of giving within you. To dream of painting a portrait of a person means that you will rise to fame and fortune. To dream of painting a portrait of an animal means that you will be happy and rich in life. If you dream of a bronze statue, it represents being suspicious or emotionally tortured."