Dreaming of salted duck eggs

What does it mean to dream of salted duck eggs? How about dreaming of salted duck eggs? Dreams of salted duck eggs have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of salted duck eggs, an auspicious omen, there will be fortune. If you dream of eating salted duck eggs, you will become rich. Dreaming of a salted duck egg being broken, there will be a lawsuit against the body. Dreaming of wrapping and making skinned eggs and puffed eggs foretells that you will encounter very difficult things that will bring you losses, but allow you to find a goal to move forward. To dream of eating skinned eggs and puffed eggs indicates that you will overcome adversity and get a very generous harvest. Dreaming of making salted and salt eggs foretells that one will keep challenging life and rivals and will live a very rich life. Dreaming of eating salted eggs and salt eggs indicates that you will be under the pressure of life, making you think through many things that you could not think of before."