Dreaming of sandals

What does it mean to dream of sandals? How about dreaming of sandals? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of sandals, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of sandals, a good omen, soon to build a house. If you dream of wearing sandals, you will get sick or suffer losses. To dream of a broken sandal is an omen for moving. A man dreaming of wearing new shoes is going to have good luck. Married woman dreaming of wearing new shoes, the couple will love each other. An unmarried woman who wants to wear new shoes will marry a generous, intelligent and capable man. An unmarried man dreaming of wearing new shoes will soon be loved by his lover. Dreaming of buying shoes, soon you will travel. Businessman dreaming of buying shoes, business will prosper. A shoemaker dreaming of shoe repair will affect his future. Dreaming of wearing old shoes, unlucky days will come. Dreaming of losing your shoes, disaster will come to you. Dreaming of stealing someone's shoes, a friend will make an enemy of him. Dreaming of hitting someone with a shoe, the position will be promoted. Dream of giving shoes to someone who will be invited to a wedding."