Dreaming of the flag

What does dreaming of the flag mean? Is it good to dream of a flag? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming about the flag, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of half a flag, you will encounter difficulties. A prisoner dreaming of a national flag will be released early. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreams on the field to raise the flag. Scholars dream of this, the main to get the first grade; the villagers dream of this, to welcome the gods race; merchants dream of this, thieves and thieves rise; the sick dream of this, an omen of bad luck. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of flags covering the sky. The image of the king's hunting tour. The literati dreamed of this, they will be famous in the present and the past, and they will be highly ranked as ministers; the warriors dreamed of this, they will be powerful at the frontier, and their titles will be honored as marquis and uncle. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a city full of flags and military weapons. The main border invasion, must be careful to prevent. The businessman dreaming this, do not be in his city; the ordinary people dreaming this, the main family home lack of peace. Dream Forest Interpretation Case study of dreaming of a national flag Description of dream: I dreamed that I was back to the time when I was studying abroad again. During the National Day, we international students gathered under the national flag, and we were very excited. (Male, 34 years old) Dream Interpretation: The dream of a national flag represents social activities and career success. To dream of your country's flag flying in the wind indicates an increase in social activities. To dream of raising the flag means that your wealth will grow. Dreaming of a national flag, more than the main heart of the repressed, and you repressed things, think long term, has gone beyond your own thinking, do not have too many extreme ideas. A single woman dreaming of a national flag, mostly in the relationship desire to get a famous offspring or a good economic status of the man like to get this dream, mostly in your realism, in the relationship more pursuit of each other's material conditions, and ignore whether the two people really suitable and love each other how. If you get this dream, the dreamer will be successful in summer and unsuccessful in winter. Married women who have this dream will have good luck in peach blossom, but it belongs to extra-marital affairs and problems in the relationship between the husband. There will be worse things between your relationship. Single men who get this dream, the Lord will have obvious good luck in the career, and your good luck in the career is also the biggest help from others to you, family members in the career to give you plans to listen to. You can't just stick to your own views in your career and ignore others."