Dreaming of torches

What does dreaming of torches mean? How about dreaming of torches? Dreams of torches have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The torch, or torch, in a dream usually represents friendship, hope and other meanings, and also symbolizes truth and justice. To dream of a torch appearing is usually a sign of a turnaround, hope, or a new phase in your career life. To dream of a piece of torch is a good sign of career development. To dream that you are holding a torch indicates that you are confident and will strive to develop and win success through your own strength. To dream of someone handing you a torch foretells that you will receive help from a friend. To dream of putting out a torch suggests a loss of faith and hope, or it may foretell illness, or death. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream torch. Dreams of the sky hanging torches, is the afterglow of fireflies. Dreams of light all over the rivers and lakes, it is the distant light of the wandering gods. Dreams of carrying it and running, the fruit of physical labor but the heart of the escape. Dreams erected in the wall, to prevent the invasion of invaders. But the sick dream of it, the body healthy and long life. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Seeing a torch in a dream shows the dreamer's self-confidence. In addition, it signifies reliance on one's own strength and efforts to achieve new developments and progress. Psychoanalysis: It indicates that the torch of self-confidence applies not only to the dreamer, but also to others. With your self-knowledge, with your urgent desire to develop, people around you will also publicly push you as a guide to move forward and thus be approved. Spiritual symbolism: From this perspective, seeing a torch in a dream means that you need spiritual reliance and guidance. Case study of dreaming of torches Dream Description: I had heard about the enthusiastic torch festival scene in Yi family, and once in my dream I enjoyed the lively scene of the torch festival. I dreamed that I attended the torch festival, where people sang with joy and the torches made the night sky of the festival bright and beautiful. (Male, 28 years old) Dream Interpretation: The dream of torch represents hope and friendship. The appearance of a torch in your dream indicates that your career and life will take a new turn. To have a torch in your dream means that your career will go well. To dream of someone handing you a torch means you will be helped by others."