Dreaming of water pipes

What does it mean to dream of water pipes? Is it good to dream of a water pipe? Dreams of water pipes have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a water pipe is an auspicious omen that your life will go well. A patient dreaming of a water pipe foretells that his health will recover soon. A prisoner dreaming of a water pipe foretells that you will soon be free. A businessman dreaming of a water pipe foretells prosperous business and wealth. To dream of a water-spewing peeling hose, on the one hand, suggests that you will undertake something adventurous, and on the other hand, may have sexual implications. If you dream of watering the garden or lawn with a hose, it usually means you will meet new people or get busy with social gatherings. Dreaming of a water pipe flowing will resolve a long-standing case, and everything will go smoothly in education, examination, marriage, employment, finance, etc. Zhou Gong Stock Market From stocks that were stationary, stocks that appear to be moving upward, continue to buy the large-volume stocks associated with you."