Dream of dried tobacco

Dream of dried tobacco, get this dream of tobacco, the five elements of the main wood, dried is the five elements of the main fire, get this dream this is a wood and fire, career development is smooth, and cooperation with others will help, to your career more with the promotion of the role of spring dream of auspicious, winter dream of inauspicious. A single woman dreaming of roasted and dried tobacco leaves, the recent career pressure, that is, although you have a strong desire to control in the career, but with others in the business have a conflict, there is a negative impact on your life. Single men who have this dream career pressure, there are competitors around you in the near future is not good for your life, it is the appearance of others will affect your career decisions, your career as a whole has a negative, business people who have this dream more unlucky. Seekers of wealth outside this dream, to the south to go auspicious, to the north to go unlucky, career pressure, it is necessary to adjust personal mentality, and people of the pig, the rat, together to do things, more success, more failure, troublesome things."