Dream of picking white gardenia

Dream of picking white gardenia get this dream of the five elements of wood, single people get this dream is good luck to get off single, can meet the beloved person then two love pleasing, affection happiness long. If you have higher requirements for the career, get this dream career, need to consult with others after making decisions not to be resolute and decisive dictatorship, spring dream of good fortune, autumn dream of bad fortune. Engaged in and diet, food and other related industries dream to pick white gardenia, the main career in cooperation with others smoothly, then to your career long-term development is favorable, cut not in the career of small things and others more than a fight. Just married women who have this dream, there are others around to pursue, there is a negative impact on your life, if you keep a distance from others, it will help you to improve your marriage. In outside seeking money dream to pick white gardenia, go east auspicious, go west inauspicious, engaged in and cosmetic beauty and other related industries have this dream career in more good things."