Dream to full of sweet potatoes

Dream to full of sweet potatoes in this dream is the main five elements of the earth, is the recent cooperation with others smooth, fire and earth meaning, then the recent cooperation with others engaged in and investment industry, more with a good career, summer dreams of good luck, winter dreams of bad luck. Single woman dreaming of a field full of sweet potatoes, the recent career due to small things and induced troubles need to be careful to adjust their mindset, not to blame the cause of things on others, that is your personal capacity is limited, with the help of others can succeed, such as personal capacity and others who have disputes, it is particularly bad for your career. Those who are engaged in financial investment and other related industries can have this dream, and work together with others to achieve good results, not just listen to personal ideas, which will lead to career troubles. Those who are seeking money outside have this dream, and it is auspicious to go south and unlucky to go north, and they can achieve good results in their career when they are serious. Peace of mind is the most critical."