Dreaming of a field full of watermelons

Dreaming of a watermelon, more main in your career and other people's dealings will have bad luck, and you yourself in the career once you have made up your mind to do things, you must know how to develop in the long run, do not double-minded or half-hearted, to get this dream is wood and fire, wood and fire, you have others to help in your career. Dreaming of a field full of watermelons, is your personal ability is very strong, and your career will therefore have an impact, then you adhere to your personal ideas and views in the business, more good, such as you do not work seriously in the business or always have ideas, the mind in other things are more bad. Dreaming of growing a very large watermelon, more than the main you face a test in the near future, this test is related to feelings, and you personally in the treatment of emotional matters will be more obedient to each other's views, then you will be in life due to dealings with others, emotional instability and bad things happen, your small mind is easy to be seen through it."