Dreaming of a pond full of lotus leaves

Dreaming of a pond full of lotus leaves is the main wood of this dreamer's five elements, which is the reason why water and wood are born together, and you can cooperate with others in your career smoothly in the near future, and your career can develop in the long run, which is auspicious in spring and inauspicious in autumn. Single man dreaming of a pond full of lotus leaves career pressure, you and others in the business because of minor matters and induced disputes, there is a negative impact on your life, you need to adjust your personal mentality, the business sincere, do things since the business can be long-term, each other because of the mentality and induced different views, it is more than unfavorable to the business. A married woman dreaming of a pond full of lotus leaves, five elements of wood is a sign of a prosperous husband in the near future, you will be able to help your lover in the business, children's health, family smooth water and harmony, this is a good omen. Wood represented by the birth of new life, but also in the life of different things or conditions to get better. Those who have been under great career pressure recently need to adjust their personal state, that is you do things seriously, since you can have good things."