Dreaming of a tree full of persimmons

Dreaming of a tree full of persimmons, the five elements of this dream is gold, is your career and others in cooperation with smooth, then the business is quite good, such as seeking financial difficulties, then the recent suppression of things are quite a lot, autumn dream of good luck, winter dream of bad luck. If you are engaged in food and beverage, logistics and other related industries, this dream is the birth of gold and water, and your career has signs of smooth cooperation with others, such as a good omen is also the return of your efforts to complete the work. This dream persimmon is a sign of wealth, then you have persevered in your career to gain. If you seek money outside or business people get this dream, the income is quite good, is a partial fortune, then your career development is smooth, such as the current state of career choice, your career will inevitably meet the villain, need to be careful with the relationship. Engaged in connection, network, communications and other related industries to get this dream is the gold and water, the future of the business can be expected, more noble people to help, people who belong to the horse, people who belong to the snake, get this dream pressure."