Dreaming of a tree stump

What does dreaming of a tree stump mean? How about dreaming of a tree stump? Dreams of tree stumps have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a tree stump is a sign that you are planning a trip to a faraway place. A traveler dreaming of a tree stump means he or she will have a pleasant trip. Dreaming of a tree stump, life will encounter obstacles to move forward. Dreaming of a tree stump foretells a major setback, lurking in your path just waiting for you to meet it, by which you will find it difficult to resume your usual pattern of life. To dream of a ground full of tree stumps symbolizes that the net of misfortune is opening up to you, making it difficult for you to break free. To dream of digging out a tree stump foretells that you will abandon sentimentality and indecisiveness and try your best to overcome any difficulties you may encounter in real life and finally free yourself from the mire of poverty. Dreaming of a long wooden stake will get a good reputation. To dream of a short tree stump means that your reputation will be damaged and you may be looked down upon, so you should be extra demanding that you walk properly. To dream of a tree stump breaking means great danger that will bring about one's downfall. If one intends to do something risky, one must stop no matter what. Case study of dreaming of a tree stump Dream description: I dreamed I tripped over my hair, I was sitting on a tree stump, the stump rolled and I fell and tripped over my hair, my husband didn't even pull me next to him. Dream Analysis: This dream foretells that you have many opinions about your husband and also foretells that you will encounter frustration."