Dreaming of acacia blossoms full of trees picking acacia flowers

Dream of acacia trees, more ghostly images, the five elements of water and wood, such as single people with this dream, emotional luck, such as married people with this dream, feelings will be affected and disturbed by the opposite sex around, it is not good. Dreaming of acacia blossoms full of trees picking acacia flowers. The main will be controlled by others in the career, and the person who controls you is your boss of the opposite sex, you and the other party relationship is bad you want to make performance in the business is particularly difficult, and the business you are strong people, each other's planning for the business is not the same, will cause you to have confusion in the business of meaning. The person who gets this dream has an unlucky dream in autumn, and an auspicious dream in spring. Single women dream, the main side of the peach blossom is quite a lot, and you get along with the opposite sex mostly to your personal ideas, easy to impose personal ideas to the opposite sex, leading to problems between your feelings, such as the face of feelings need to listen to other people's opinions and each other's minds. Married women dream of it, the main you and your family emotional relationship with bad, need to pay attention to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law."