Dreaming of apricots yellow

Dreaming of apricots yellow, who has this dream, the five elements of the main gold, is the relationship between you and others to deal with troubles. If you have a strong sense of individuality in your career and have not considered the feelings of others, it will be bad for your career development, if you can learn more from the advice of others, your career has signs of improvement, autumn dreams are auspicious, summer dreams are not auspicious. For those who are engaged in seafaring, fishing, and other related industries, this dream is a gold and water dream, so your income is good. Your career ability is strong, plus your persistence in your career will help your overall career development, do not give up lightly. Single women who have this dream, such as your career in a small matter and others quarrel endlessly, it affects your decision and feelings in the relationship, such as you can negotiate with others to pay attention to the proportion, then your career are signs of improvement. If you have this dream, you will have a good academic situation in the near future, so make good use of it."