Dreaming of bamboo what does it mean

Dreaming of bamboo what does it mean, the person who has this dream is the main wood of the five elements, is in a relationship with more smooth time, each other sincerely like feelings since the long term, emotional matters should be more carefully handled. Recently, because of emotional troubles, spring dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are inauspicious. Single woman dreaming of bamboo, the emotional situation is not good, it is with the person you love but do not see the two feelings can last, it is your two in the relationship with each other more signs of rivalry, then lead to career troubles, life conditions will be a problem, there are signs of a breakdown of the mind. Married men who have this dream career pressure, it is your career, more than with others, then affect the judgment of your career, around the villain, each other and the villain's relationship with awkward performance, then affect the progress of your career, engaged in communication, sales and other related industries have this dream pressure is quite heavy. Seekers of wealth outside this dream, go east auspicious, go west inauspicious, career more trouble in mind."