Dreaming of blue flowers

Dreaming of blue flowers, the five elements of this dream are water and wood, the blue five elements of water, the plant represented by the five elements of wood, the dreamer will have signs of good luck in the relationship in the near future, get along well with your loved one, the two feelings are smooth, the spring dream is auspicious, the winter dream is not auspicious. Those who seek money outside are lucky to go north, but not to go south. If you have this dream and are engaged in liquor, hotel management and other related industries, it is a sign that you have a lot of luck, and those who follow others' advice will have more opportunities to rise in their career. Single man dreaming of blue flowers, career development is hindered by others, is a personal strength is not good, how to get good fortune. Married men dreaming of blue flowers, then the side of the peach blossom luck is quite a lot, but the emotional needs of too delicate, in turn, to invite disaster. Married women dreaming of blue flowers, then the relationship situation will be unfavorable, much quarrel with the love of things, not good for your life. Engaged in technology, scientific research and other related industries, the main five elements of water, get this dream career good, more noble people to help, this is a good omen."