Dreaming of capers

What does dreaming of capers mean? Is it good to dream of shepherd's purse? Dreaming of shepherd's purse has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. In March, it's a good time to pick shepherd's purse. In the fields, roadsides and yards, you can see wild shepherds everywhere. Although shepherd's purse is a wild vegetable, it is rich in nutrients. Dreaming of shepherd's purse means that bad luck will happen. Perhaps you will be knocked around or pestered by a drunk, etc. It is best to go out as little as possible and live a quiet day at home. Those who are waiting for exams dream of capers, the recent exam results are poor. Single nobleman dreaming of capers, the main recent love relationship is complicated and troublesome. Case study of dreaming of shepherd's purse Dream description: The general idea seems to be that I dreamed that my friend sent me a message telling me that he had won in mahjong and asked me to wait for him to come back. I took a bonsai and waited for him to come back with joy. But the bonsai bore fruit, a little bit of red, said hawthorn, very small, not ripe. Then I went out to dig for shepherd's purse. In a crop field, next to a lush green wheat field, I dug for shepherd's purse. The wild greens were bright green and appetizing to look at, but it was a little difficult to dig. I plucked the soil around it, and gently pulled it, the cabbage so big several, but pulled out the cabbage brought out a big radish, I pulled up and pulled, finally pulled out, but I only took a little, and then threw it down again. Dream analysis: dreaming of capers can be bad, life troubles, and later plucking when brought out a radish, foretelling that you will finally cloud the day after some ups and downs."