Dreaming of castor oil

What does dreaming of castor oil mean? Is it good to dream of castor oil? Dreaming of castor oil has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of castor oil indicates that you are trying to hurt a friend who is secretly helping you get ahead. To dream of castor oil means that misfortune will come from heaven, but the result will be good. A man dreaming of castor oil implies that bad things are happening in his life. It also means that the dark side of your heart will hurt others. A woman dreaming of castor oil implies that she will have a quarrel with someone. Case study of dreaming of castor oil Description of dream: Xiao Hui is in the castor oil business, and it has been doing well. One night Xiao Hui went to sleep after drinking, in his sleep, he saw himself going to a place, he walked in and saw that there were pieces and pieces of castor oil, he was so happy, he thought he was going to be rich, so he ran out and was ready to call his staff to come and carry it, but when he turned around, the door closed automatically, it was dark inside, nothing could be seen, Xiao Hui shouted a few times, but, he could only heard the echo of his own. Dream Analysis: Castor oil appearing in a dream is not a very good omen, but not too bad either. If you dream of castor oil, it implies that you will have a disaster, but, in the end, the result is good."