Dreaming of cherry blossoms

What does it mean to dream of cherry blossoms? How about dreaming of cherry blossoms? Dreaming of cherry blossoms has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love and hope, representing elegance, rustic and pure love. Dreaming that the tree is full of cherry blossoms, this is a good dream, you will meet a valuable person, it is best to pay more attention to improve interpersonal relations, get along with people, will be very beneficial to your development. Dreaming of cherry blossoms blown down by the wind, love luck will rise and you can look forward to happy dates, preferably watching movies, listening to songs, attending concerts, etc. together, but the cost of the date must be half borne by each, as there is a danger of arguments over money. Dreaming of a broken cherry tree branch reminds you to pay attention to your health and beware of accidental injuries. If you like to play basketball or ice skating, you must be doubly careful that the sports may reproduce the accidental injury. Case study of dreaming of cherry blossoms Case 1 Dream description: Yang Yang is a girl full of fantasy, one day she dreamed she went for a walk in the park in early spring alone, while walking, something like snowflakes floated down, she caught it with her hand, and it turned out to be cherry blossoms. Looking up, the cherry blossoms were hanging all over the branches, incomparably gorgeous, like clouds and haze. The cherry blossoms were dancing in a smile, she opened her arms, the petals fell on her face, very fragrant and fragrant. Dream Analysis: The flower language of cherry blossoms is a symbol of love and hope, representing elegance, rustic and pure love. A young girl dreaming of cherry blossoms means that she is looking forward to a wonderful love or you are currently in love. Case 2 Dream description: Last night I dreamed that my school was full of peach blossoms, pink and very beautiful ah, and then also dreamed that I liked for a long time his (not in a school) school full of cherry blossoms, pink, is also super beautiful. Dreams whether it is cherry blossoms or peach blossoms, are in full bloom, are very very, seek to interpret the dream oh ~ Dream analysis: cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are symbolic of love, while appearing in your dream, your peach blossom luck is very strong ah, or do not take long, you like a long time he will start to fall in love oh!"