Dreaming of cocoa beans

What does it mean to dream of cocoa beans? How about dreaming of cocoa beans? Dreams of cocoa beans have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of cocoa beans warns that your expectations will be dashed as cunning enemies disguised as eager friends are eating away at your power. To dream of a dead cocoa tree is a sign of loss and sorrow that someone in your surroundings will leave the world. Dreaming of beans is auspicious. A man dreaming of beans will live a happy and rich life. A woman dreaming of beans will become a virtuous helper and will get her household affairs in order. Traveler dreaming of beans, a car accident will happen on the way. If you dream of eating beans, you will get sick or your health will deteriorate. Pregnant women dream of beans, the embryo will be unpredictable. A patient dreaming of beans will slowly get better. A prisoner dreaming of beans will be punished by an increased sentence. Dreaming of eating mixed beans, going on a long trip. If you dream of buying beans, you will be poor. When you dream of giving someone beans, a noble guest will come to your door. Dreaming of selling beans, a good omen, will be invited to a banquet. A businessman dreaming of beans will soon receive a lucrative business deal and will talk about it very successfully. Unmarried man dreaming of eating beans will soon enter the hall of honour with his beloved one."