Dreaming of cornflower

What does dreaming of cornflower mean? How about dreaming of cornflowers? Dreams of cornflowers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The cornflower represents happiness. It has a clear color, beautiful flower shape, fragrant scent and tenacious vitality. Her beautiful figure can be seen on the slopes, fields, waterfront, roadside and behind houses in Germany, and it is also the national flower of Germany. To dream of cornflowers indicates contemplation, and inner peace. To dream of dried cornflowers suggests that the dreamer's faith is dried up and discouraged. To dream of cornflowers in full bloom means that what you are doing is about to succeed. To dream that you pick white chrysanthemums implies that you will be with on setbacks or losses. If the chrysanthemums are other bright colors, it means that the work you are doing will bring you happiness. Dreaming of a whole bunch of chrysanthemums suggests that the arrow of the god of love is about to shoot at you. But because your ideal lover is too perfect, thus missing out on a good fate. To dream that you are walking through a flower garden of large white daisies interspersed with dots of yellow daisies indicates that you have a premonition of loss and are emotionally depressed as a result. But before long, these feelings will motivate you to push on in order to make life a little better. Dreaming of chrysanthemum blossoms, money will be very orange, then simply ask your mother for more pocket money."