Dreaming of cucumber pile

Dreaming of cucumber pile got this dreamer five elements of the main wood, is your recent career situation is not good, five elements of the main wood, is the recent peach fortune situation will have obvious improvement, spring dream of the auspicious, winter dream of the inauspicious. Single women dreaming of cucumber pile, recently there are many suitors around, it is you in the relationship with others sincerely treat each other, although there is ambiguity between them, the two feelings can be developed in the long term, then do not rush to a moment, slowly develop mutual interest. A single man dreamed of a bunch of cucumbers, you are not getting along with others in your relationship, emotional problems occur frequently, which leads to signs of a breakdown in your mind. Emotional problems need to be treated rationally. The scholar has this dream, water and wood together, is that you seek to study smoothly, then more caution in dealing with academic issues, so that you can achieve better results, things should be down-to-earth, in order to achieve better results, outside the scholar to the east to go auspicious, west to go inauspicious."