Dreaming of dates

What does dreaming of dates mean? Do you dream of dates? Dreaming of dates has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The date master expands. The fragrance of dates floats far away, symbolizing expansion. Dreaming of dates implies that you will go away recently. A woman dreaming of dates means fasting. To dream of dates is a sign that you are going to have a happy event or someone close to you is getting married. To dream of picking or beating dates foretells that your business will expand and you will soon be successful. To dream of eating sour dates suggests that you may suffer from stomach problems and be careful with your diet. To dream of eating sweet dates indicates that being thrifty and hardworking will bring you rewards. Dreaming of green dates is an auspicious sign that you will be promoted and get rich, and you will gain the trust of others. A patient dreaming of eating dates foretells that the body will soon recover its health. A traveler dreaming of eating dates reminds you that a car accident may happen on the road, so be more careful. A businessman dreaming of eating dates foretells that business will expand and there will be great development in business. To dream of giving someone dates indicates that you will be loved by people because of your sincerity and eagerness to help them. Dreaming that someone gives you dates, beware of your property or rights being appropriated by others, be vigilant. To dream of selling dates means that your fame expands and you will become a big popular person. To dream of scattering dates, or dates scattered on the ground, foretells that you or your family may be in trouble. Zhou Gong Stock Market Dreaming of eating dates, the stock market will have a rising omen before. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreamers give dates. Seeking fame dream this, will have a reputation in the world; Seeking profit dream this, the wealth of a hundred times and happy; Seeking children dream this, that is to get a man and a great noble; Illness dream this, disaster repentance removed and peace. Only fleeing dream here, no way to go; official dream here, the main punishment. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of dates. Jujube, early with the same sound, dream of the main fame and fortune early, early marriage, early children, is also a sign of joy. Sickness and litigation, dreams are not suitable. The Secretary of Dream Interpretation If you eat jujube, you will have a valuable son. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Seeing dates in a dream often reminds you of something special and noticeable in your life. In addition, dreaming of dates also means that the dreamer seeks friendship and looks for people who care about you. Psychoanalysis: You desperately want someone to care for and help you in a very thoughtful way. Spiritual symbolism: Some fruits, such as dates, are closely associated with fertility and fertility customs. In ancient Rome, dates were often used as sex hormones in preparation for weddings because of their delicious taste and joyful spiritual imagery. Case study of dreaming of dates Dream description: Xiao Li and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a long time, because of the family has not been able to get married. It was hard to get through to her parents and get approval. Just when she was preparing for the wedding, she dreamed that her mother gave her boyfriend two red dates and he happily took them. Dream Analysis: Jujube is a traditional Chinese auspicious object, in the folk wedding, jujube is a necessary item, on behalf of "early birth", so the dream jujube indicates good luck, the dreamer will have new progress in love, or suggest that there will be a happy event. This Xi Bu, dates, also known as jujube, big red dates. Since ancient times it has been listed as one of the "five fruits" (peach, plum, plum, apricot, date) and has a long history. The company is also known as the "hardcore crop", with drought-resistant, hard-working properties, it is highly adaptable and has endurance. This is the dreamer's subconscious perception of his boyfriend. This kind of person, the future is able to soar into great things, this marriage is very good. The two are in pairs, also in pairs, suggesting the dreamer's happy and successful marriage, the dates also metaphorically indicate that the dreamer will never leave, the future dreamer's marriage must be happy, do not worry about the ups and downs."