Dreaming of falling flowers

What does dreaming of falling flowers mean? Is it good to dream of flowers falling? Dreams of falling flowers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of flowers withering indicates that you may suffer from a disease, while a boy having this dream indicates that a calamity may befall his wife and daughter and you should do your best to keep them safe. Dreaming that all the flowers in the garden are wilted foretells a great disaster. To dream that someone destroys flowers is an omen of calamity To dream that flowers are more beautiful is an omen of good fortune. Dreaming of picking flowers, business is booming or family is happy and you will find a good match. To dream of picking withered flowers is an ominous sign. If you dream that the flowers fall from your hand, you will suffer from a bad disease. Lovers dream of dropping bouquets of flowers on a date, relationship deteriorates. Dreaming that the flowers of a bouquet wilt, the wish will not come true and the romance will be interrupted. Dreaming of flowers falling all over the ground foretells that your economy will turn bad and your life will be tight. Dreaming of flowers falling all over the house foretells that the whole family will get along very well and the family will be very healthy and happy. Dreaming of flowers falling but fruitful, foretells that bad luck will end soon and the day will be red-hot again. To dream that flowers fall and bloom again is a sign that your difficulties will soon pass and a good situation will come soon. Dreaming of flowers blooming and falling means that you spend money lavishly and will soon be sitting on your hands. A pregnant woman dreaming of a falling flower foretells that you will soon deliver your baby. It is a good omen that you should prepare well and relax, and that you will have a smooth delivery later. Case study of dreaming of falling flowers Dream description: I dreamed that the flowers and trees in the living room were tuned down and the flowers fell all over the floor, I was cleaning them, at the same time there was a big white rooster standing on the tree inside the house, I was just about to catch it when it flew away from the window. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of falling flowers is a scene of decay and family decline, but the good thing is that the flower petals in your dream are falling in your own home and there is a large rooster standing on a tree inside the house, foretelling that the depressed economic situation will soon improve and life will be happy."