Dreaming of fruits on trees

After we sleep at night, but the brain cells do not stop resting at this time. Therefore, we will have dreams, because our brain cells are very active. So let's talk about the dream interpretation of "dreaming of fruit on a tree" today: first of all, this is a dream with a good meaning, to have such a dream means that you are quite close to success, in an effort, success will belong to you. Second, in the road to success there is accompanied by their own may be too impatient, we all know that the natural growth of ripe fruit, will fall from the tree. But picking fruit from the tree, it proves that there is still a little distance to success, want a good result, too anxious instead of what you want. Eating ripe fruit indicates that good luck is about to come, and it's an unexpected surprise. To dream that you are eating strawberries means that you are having a very fulfilling and happy time. If you are in love, then you two are a match made in heaven. Unmarried people dreaming of strawberries means that they are about to meet their other half, and married people dreaming of strawberries means that the marriage and family aspect is perfect. To dream of eating something like a melon or fruit indicates that what you are experiencing or what you are doing during this time is very difficult to think of reaching your goal. You need to do your best to overcome it, but after walking through it, the future is bright and still very smooth. To dream of eating unripe fruit means that you have not improved yourself properly during this period and are not strict with yourself, which has led you to drift away from your goal. Dreaming of eating seasonal fruits, this means eating whatever fruits are in season. This dream also foretells that you have good friendships because your friendship with them is very deep and therefore, every day is very fulfilling. To dream of persimmons indicates that a great event of great importance to yourself may happen at some time in the future, I don't know if it is good or bad, that is, related to your future. Dreaming of apples, apples are a very auspicious fruit in our Chinese eyes, then apples are interpreted the same way in dreams. There will also be fortune coming to you and unexpected surprises. Dreaming of watermelon, this dream is a dream of great auspicious signs in the interpretation of the Zhou Gong dreams. Today is a good day to get the approval of the leaders, whether for academic or work problems. The peach is a fruit that signifies a long and healthy life, then in our Chinese eyes, dreaming of a peach indicates excellence in all aspects. However, Westerners believe that the peach also has a symbol of love. Unmarried people dreaming of peaches means that you will be able to get the attention of your beloved very easily during this period of time, and will also have a beautiful result. Married people, dreaming of peaches, means that during this period, you and your partner have no conflicts, and the love between the two is deeper, and the married life is perfect."