Dreaming of gardenia

What does dreaming of gardenia mean? Dreaming of gardenia is good? Dream to see gardenia has realistic influence and reaction, also has dreamer's subjective imagination. Gardenia is one of the seven nymphs in the sky, she longed for the beauty of the earth, and went down to earth to become a flowering tree. A young farmer, all alone, living in poverty, saw this small tree by the ridge of the field, moved home and took care of her in every way. The tree came to life and blossomed with many white flowers. In order to repay the owner's kindness, she washed and cooked for him during the day, and the fragrance floated outside the yard in the evening. The flower language of gardenia is "eternal love, a lifetime of waiting and joy". Dreaming of gardenia, the Lord gives birth to a good child. Unmarried man dreaming of gardenia indicates that he is about to meet a pure and beautiful woman, and must seize the opportunity. Married woman dreaming of gardenia, this is a fetal dream, indicating that there will be a healthy and beautiful baby soon. Case study of dreaming of gardenia Case 1 Dream description: last night dreamed that I saw a tree with gardenias in bloom, I went to pick, picked to the palm of my hand to smell the gardenia petals, very fragrant, what is going on? Dream analysis: dream of gardenia, said you are a pure heart, treat love faithful, if married woman dream, also foretell you are pregnant, to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. Case 2 Dream description: the night before yesterday dreamed of a tree of gardenia, also picked two don't to the collar with wear, is currently preparing for pregnancy, is it really pregnant? Dream analysis: dream of gardenia, is a fetal dream oh, as to whether it is pregnant, hurry to check to see on it."