Dreaming of garlic moss

What does dreaming of garlic moss mean? How about dreaming of garlic moss? Dreams of garlic moss have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of garlic moss is a sign that others will know your secret. When you dream of garlic moss, you will encounter embarrassing things. Dreaming of garlic moss foretells that a little trouble will happen to you. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Garlic has multiple meanings. Given its shape and the fact that individual heads of garlic can be peeled, it can symbolize a woman's fertility. Its odor associates it with protection, and the presence of garlic in a dream generally indicates the above-mentioned meanings. Psychoanalysis: Garlic can be used as a talisman against evil. In medicine, it has cardioprotective and calming effects. Spiritual symbolism: garlic symbolizes magic on a spiritual level."