Dreaming of grassland grass good green

Dreaming of grassland grass good green, the five elements of this dreamer is the main wood, is the relationship eventually good luck, if you choose to love with others in the relationship, the tacit understanding between each other to a high degree, it will help to promote your feelings. Spring dream is auspicious, autumn dream is not auspicious. Single men and women who have this dream, more than the Lord of your side of the peach blossom luck, is to meet a person who really like it is pure between you, sincere and long-lasting, if you have more than the heart of the matter, it will lead to bad luck. People engaged in clothing, medical and other related industries dream that the grass in the meadow is good green, is that in the near future your career situation has a valuable person, such as you and others to cooperate happily, it will help you in the long-term development of your career, do not have a direct conflict with others, which will lead you to have signs of loss in the business. Just married woman who got this dream, is your side of the peach blossom luck, then affect your married life, do not have more arguments with your lover. Instead, come to bad luck."