Dreaming of green chili

What does it mean to dream of green chili? How about dreaming of green chili peppers? Dreaming of green chillies has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of green peppers foretells the embarrassment of having one's privacy compromised. Dreaming of green peppers foretells that there may be friction in life with others affecting the mood, as long as it is properly handled will not have too much impact on life. Dreaming of green chili peppers, there is an opportunity to get rich, this opportunity is in a distant place. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Chili pepper is the main leaking privacy. Chili pepper has a strong stimulating nature, and eating it will make people have a violent reaction, symbolizing the embarrassment after the disclosure of privacy. Psychological analysis: Dreaming of chili peppers means that privacy will be published, the situation is difficult and looked down upon by others, and this will also bring difficulties and obstacles in other areas. Therefore, you should adjust your mind in time and be prepared to cope with the crisis when it occurs. Case study of dreaming of chili peppers Dream Description: A man quit his job to go into business and live a life of running around. One night, he dreamed that he went to buy three pepper seedlings, many of which were wilted in the store, but he picked three fresh and healthy ones and proudly said to the boss, "You bully me for not knowing what to do. Dream Interpretation: This is a wonderful dream. This dream indicates that the dreamer will get rid of the shadow of the old life. The new life beckons to the dreamer, and the dreamer takes the initiative to leave the shriveled pepper seedlings and choose the fresh ones, representing the dreamer's initiative to approach the new things, while the pepper represents the dreamer's choice of the hot new life, foretelling the dreamer's future success. The boss symbolizes the difficulties, and the future difficulties cannot "bully" the dreamer, so the dreamer will definitely achieve brilliant success."